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 Birdhouse Taxidermy
Ethical Taxidermist & Taxidermy Restorer

I am Sarah Burhouse, a freelance taxidermist and taxidermy restorer usually found at my workshop in Daybrook, Nottingham.


With a focus on birds, I create bespoke mounts for sale and produce commissions for private clients, as well as museum collections.


I am an educator offering one-to-one tuition (for more details follow the 'Learn Taxidermy' tab), as well as delivering talks and demos at museums and other institutions. 

I play an active role on the UK Guild of Taxidermists committee, editing the annual journal and organising the annual conference. My work has achieved 'professional' status within the guild's bird taxidermy category. 


Whether you have a specimen for me to mount or you have a request for a bespoke piece, I can create a unique piece of work to your specifications. I stock a variety of species which have been found naturally or accidentally deceased to be re-purposed as beautiful taxidermy creations.

Badger Restoration.jpeg

I use museum conservation techniques to restore taxidermy pieces which may have become pest damaged, worn with age or taken a tumble. If you have a much loved mount that requires some TLC get in touch for a quote.

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